Freshers Party 2012

For the 200+ odd first year students who began a new phase of their academic lives at Shanti Business School- Ahmedabad, the Saturday night- 8th of September was a pivotal moment and Freshmen’s Fizz offered the perfect platform. 

Seniors looked on with pride and nostalgia, remembering similar moments not too far ago. 

‘Girls in pearls and Boys in ties’ was the given theme and the girls showed off their uniquely beautiful pearl necklaces, bracelets, ankle-lets. Etc, whereas the boys flaunted different patterns and colors of ties, some wearing them in their own unique way. The students were comfortable and grooving in no time, as DJ Taral played some electrifying numbers. It was also his birthday, so the students wished him and danced on to his tunes till midnight. By the end of it the students had established a relationship with the place they will never forget. 

As Abhishek Singh Rao and Nirali Doshi were announced as the Mr. and Ms. Fresher, the students went uproar, cheering for them. Finally at the wee hours of dawn, tired legs and weary eyes finally made their way to the hostels and back home, marking the end of the academic year’s first party. While both work and play awaits the students of SBS, the party heralded an exciting year ahead. It marks their transition from new, uninitiated freshmen to rightful members of a tradition that they will cherish and preserve.