Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol whip up frenzy on the Shanti B-School Campus

Students of Chiripal Group’s Shanti Asiatic School, Shanti Business School and Shanti Communications School fired questions related to management of time, stress and relationships, and the superstars answered with √©lan. ‘I take out time for my passion- cooking! A man cooking for his wife is the sexiest. Boys you must know how to cook!’ he said, candid about relationship and time management. When he joyfully lifted a child from Shanti Asiatic, he lifted the spirit of the entire gathering. He identified more with the family man Rajiv Bhatia, he declared than the star Akshay Kumar. ‘Do not expect your partner to be perfect and you’ll do great,’ said Bobby Deol when asked about the key to his successful marriage. Akshay appreciated the aesthetic campus and mentioned that this was the first ever time he visited a school and a college.