Happy Saturdays at SBS

A week full of work stress, mind burdened with hectic peer pressure and all you want is to break free from the corporate clutches and enjoy an evening peacefully.
With this vision, Shanti Business School has come up with 'Happy Saturdays' for its employees to let them come together and enjoy a Saturday evening playing their favorite sports.The 'Happy Saturday started with employees of SBS playing Cricket on Saturday evening- to pay tribute to the retirement of Great Sachin Tendulkar. Employees including all the faculties, the Dean and the Director played in full energy and enthusiasm while the students as spectators cheered for their favorite faculties. It was a refreshing break from the routine and a good bonding time for the employees to come together and work as a team and celebrate the change of this organizational culture. With various sports like Basketball, Badminton, Football and many more lined up for the upcoming Saturdays, the employees of SBS are going to have a super fun roller coaster ride along with the additional benefits of health fitness and great memories to cherish