“Ganpati Bappa Moriyaa” – An Eco-Friendly Celebration at SBS.

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Shanti Business School over  the last 5 days. The entire festival was student driven - they arranged everything right from getting the idol of Lord Ganesha to decorating the Mandap, arranging for Pujaris etc. They also did daily Pooja and took initiative for daily Prasada by contributing and collecting funds. Gautam Shankar one of the student said “A sense of brotherhood develops with organizing such things and brings everybody together. This also builds team spirit and collaboration among the students.” 
The daily Aarti in the morning as well as in the evening was sung by the students making the entire atmosphere charged with bonding and togetherness. The prime motto of this celebration was to encourage people to use eco-friendly Ganeshas, instead of the ones made with plaster of paris. Gaurav Dads one of the student said “We have brought an eco-friendly idol which is made up of clay which does not have any toxic colors or materials; this help in preventing the water pollution.”
At the end of 5th day, Visarjan - the immersion of the Idol took place. It was the most engaging part of this festival as all were invited for the 'Maha-Aarti' performed. All the students and faculty members were there for the Visarjan Yatra, which ended with playing with colors and dancing on the tunes of Dhols.

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