Freshmen's Fizzz 2016

Despite the presence of some clouds, the stars were out and shining at Shanti Business School this night.The Freshmen’s Fizzz, the Fresher’s Party of SBS, had come up with yet another unique theme: The Director’s Cut. And true to its title, the event was full of fashion and interesting celebrities.
This year’s theme of the party was “Director’s Cut” and every participant was dressed and domed to
match the theme in order to demonstrate the oneness and cheerful camaraderie of SBS students. 

It was indeed a nostalgic night with DJ beats and delicious food augmented more curiosity and eagerness in the students for upcoming events at SBS Student Council committee said: “We have selected this theme as it allowed freshmen to showcase their favorite character from Hollywood. It gives full opportunity to every student to present themselves the way they want to be.”It was a visual delight, watching the freshmen students walk the ramp. 
Mr. & Ms. Freshers- Ankit Kothari & Prarthana Sachdev

The audience applauded the contestants for Mr. and Ms. Fresher for PGDM batch-2016-18. The participants were asked incisive questions by their seniors, which were the part of overall assessment. The SBS Plaza was decorated as a giant “Gazebo” with mellow lights and paper lanterns. It was no less than a fashion show. The evening started with the couples setting ablaze the ramp, heading towards a glam photo shoot. It was a delight to see the theme well appreciated with lavish tuxedos by boys and trendy beautiful gowns by girls.
Mr. Ms. Swagger- Ujval kaboo & Drishti

The music and the lighting were the highlight of the evening as DJ of the evening compelled veryone to burn the dance floor. The party heralded an exciting year ahead. It marked the transition of the
incoming batches from uninitiated freshmen to rightful members of a tradition that they will cherish and preserve. After that final selection round to select Mr. and Ms. Fresher for the year 2016 was organized which was judged by last year Title winners. Mr. Ankit Kothari and Ms.Prarthana Sachdev were being honored with the title.

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Photography Competition at SBS

The freshmen of PGDM and PGDM-Communication 2016 had an interesting Photography competition.
The rules were simple-no filters, no edits and the shot has to be inside the campus.
Congratulations to the Winning Entries:
Winner : Ujval Kaboo 
1st Runner-Up:Vatsal Prajapati 
2nd Runner -Up - Alpesh Dhanani

Here are the winning entries:
Winning Entry by Ujval Kaboo
1st Runner up Entry by Vatsal Prajapati
2nd Runner-Up entry by Alpesh Dhanani