Golf Sessions At SBS

"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies."
- Bobby Jones

Shanti Business School always finds unique innovative ways to teach its students the basics of Business Management - be it the pedagogy in academics or the recreational activities at SBS. One such fun activity at Sbs Ahmedabad, is the golf session for the students, where students enjoy a complete roller coaster ride along with learning a high end luxury game.
Golf, when it comes down to it, is a game governed by the honor code. It starts with theory sessions on the basics of Golf followed by practical lessons on the golf academy itself. Students have a gala time practicing in the golf sessions for the competition which is held at the end of these sessions. The winners of this competition are entitled to get expensive vouchers from the Kensville Golf Academy.
As it is said, “The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get”. While practicing for the Golf Sessions, students learned very important life lessons inspired from the game.

— at Kensville Golf Academy.

World Disability Day

It was a day of emotions and expressions. Sense International a registered charitable trust that works with deafblind people came to Shanti Business School for an interactive session with the students. Deafblindness is a unique disability- a combination of vision and hearing impairments in an individual. The session started with a brief introduction on the disability and how the affected people lose their 94% skill of acquiring knowledge with the loss of vision and hearing ability. Sense International portrayed an amazing role play to demonstrate the communication technique used by deafblind people. It was a language of touch and the students were amazed to see the applicability of this language in a word guessing exercise with their classmates. Students were shown various symbols, their representations in that language and also the way of communication. In the end, Sense International (India) gave some inspirational examples of deafblind people whose lives have been touched by them and have reached great heights. Students enjoyed the session and were inspired to touch lives of such specially-abled people

Happy Saturdays at SBS

A week full of work stress, mind burdened with hectic peer pressure and all you want is to break free from the corporate clutches and enjoy an evening peacefully.
With this vision, Shanti Business School has come up with 'Happy Saturdays' for its employees to let them come together and enjoy a Saturday evening playing their favorite sports.The 'Happy Saturday started with employees of SBS playing Cricket on Saturday evening- to pay tribute to the retirement of Great Sachin Tendulkar. Employees including all the faculties, the Dean and the Director played in full energy and enthusiasm while the students as spectators cheered for their favorite faculties. It was a refreshing break from the routine and a good bonding time for the employees to come together and work as a team and celebrate the change of this organizational culture. With various sports like Basketball, Badminton, Football and many more lined up for the upcoming Saturdays, the employees of SBS are going to have a super fun roller coaster ride along with the additional benefits of health fitness and great memories to cherish

Bauddhika- Intellectual Inter College Fest

Bauddhika 2013- an Intellectual Inter-College fest was organised on October 2nd and 3rd by the students of Shanti Business School for management students of Ahmedabad. Bauddhika had 800+ participants from 20 Management colleges of Ahmedabad including Nirma University, SAL, SLIMS, United World, Times Business School etc competing for the ‘Bauddhika Brilliance’ award. Massive registrations poured in for both the days making it a houseful show.

Bauddhika Inauguration 

The fest was inaugurated with aplomb in the presence of Shri Brijmohanji Chiripal, Ms. Charulata Kumar and Ms.Annie Matthew among other dignitaries

The adornment of Bauddhika was truly appealing and a treat to one's eyes with each event having its customized event branding. The HR event participants were amazed to see the theme of nature enhanced in a brilliant light ambience in the most artistic way, also the Brandkshetra participants were pleasantly surprised to see live projections of all the logos on the top captivating their interest throughout the game. Students with finance acumen had a thrill while doing virtual trading in Stock Shashtra. The game maniacs had adrenaline rush playing NFS and CS with thumping music in radiant light ambience. Smart brainiacs engaged themselves in creating a Scam Inside Job and the Marketing Gurus created a virtual advertisement on a mute video in Filmy Vigyapan. The impromptu sessions kept the audience engaged in their leisure time between events unleashing their creativity in Just A Minute

Ms Charulata Kumar talking on 'Brand Building'
Students were really happy as Bauddhika, true to its name, had amazing intellectual sessions from the national celebrity speakers sharing their rich industry experience with the students. Ms.Charulata Kumar; CEO Product of the Year & the former Managing Partner of J. Walter Thompson and also a Winner of Best International Campaign, Cannes festival, shared insights on ‘Brand Building’. Citing examples of telecom biggies, drawing analogy between brands and bollywood stars, students were explained the concept & necessity of innovation in creating successful brands. To aspiring marketing professionals she gave the mantra of incremental innovation to gain loyalty of consumers.
Ms. Annie Mathew sharing her insights on Mobile Apps Industry
The participants were delighted to have a session with Ms. Annie Mathew, Director, Alliances & Business Development at Blackberry  She highlighted the IT driven functions of a Business and how Mobile apps and Social media is revolutionizing the communication world. The entire session was delivered through a pinch of humor and real life examples of students and a series of interesting examples showing optimum utilization of technology in a Business Model. The students got completely engrossed while Ms. Mathews talked about the current trends in communication technology and social media apps industry.
Dr. Satbir Sindhu on 'Future Trends In HR'
Dr.Satbir Sindhu, Senior Vice President, HR, Adani Group shared his valuable insights on 'Future Trends in HR' exemplifying it through diversified industry sectors. Dr. Sindhu talked about the HR practices implemented across the globe in slow economy and how process innovation, multi tasking, skill building and optimized training can smoothly bring the desired changes in the organisation. 
Savan Godiawala talking on Startups
Mr. Savan Godiawala, Senior Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Ltd. guided the students on ‘Funding a startup without a dime in your pocket’. In a friendly manner, Mr. Godiawala shared his valuable experience on Angel Investors and Global Venture Capitalists and various funding alternatives available for a startup.
Winners of Bauddhika 2013
In the battle of the intellectuals, with the weapons of wit & brilliance, Som Lalit Institute of Management triumphed over others to get the ‘Bauddhika Brilliance’ Award.
After the prize distribution, the participants were pleasantly surprised as there was a dance party and cake celebrations in stores for them to mark the success story of the Bauddhika. Adding one more feather to its glory, Shanti Business School achieved another milestone with the successful beginning of the journey of the legacy ‘Bauddhika'.

Here are few students experiences of Baudhhika at Shanti Business School,

It was an amazing ex perience at Bauddhika. We were overwhelmed by the hospitality and impressed by the concept of never before management games like Brandkshetra, Filmy Vigyapan & Inside Job. The ambience was exciting and thrilling and the games were super fascinating.

It was a tough competition from all the management colleges and we loved each moment of Bauddhika as we enjoyed the 2 days of intellectual journey at Shanti Business School Winning the ‘Bauddhika Brilliance’ award will be a life time proud memory for us.