Marketing club inauguration

The Shanti Business School’s ‘PRAYAG’ the marketing club will provide an engaging forum for students interested in pursuing a career in marketing. The club would attempt to impart and develop the appropriate skill sets required for a marketing professional and business entrepreneurs. Under the aegis of this club newer knowledge, ideas, strategies, practices pertaining to the field of marketing would be explored, discussed and disseminated for students to learn and keep them self abreast of the latest happenings in the field. Students will get several opportunities to organize different marketing events, activities and competitions under the aegis of ‘PRAYAG’ that will enable them to learn by doing.

PRAYAG’ the ‘Marketing Club’ signifies unification and meeting place of marketing and business minds. In true sense business is nothing but the act of accumulating and unification of factors of production in an appropriate blend to create meaningful products and services that makes lives of human civilization easy coupled with comfort, peace and well being of all living organisms on this mother earth. The marketing activities facilitate this act of business by identifying the needs of human being. Therefore the ‘Logo’, the tag line ‘Meeting of Minds’ and the ‘Pile of Hands’ on the cover page all signifies that hands come together only when minds meets and then and then only meaningful products and services are created that enhances the all-round well being of the human civilization as a whole.


Shanti Juniors, Shanti Asiatic School and Shanti Business School of the Chiripal Trust celebrated the first night of Navratri with great zest and zeal. The jharokhas and domes on the entrance gate were a prelude to the traditional rajwadi ethnicity that awaited the invitees. The plaza and the lush green lawns of SBS were illuminated by thousands of diyas and flowers added to the rustic ambience. Tiny tots to management students were all bebecked in Kathiyawadi and Kutchhi kediyas and kapdas. Shyamal and Saumil Munshi ensured the huge crowd danced the night out.

SBS Launch - Ahmedabad Times - Aug 4th, 2010

A great thinker had once said that education is a responsibility that the society owes to it-self. And taking this thought forward, the city recently witnessed the high-profile launch of Shanti Business School (SBS) which is backed by Chiripal Group of Ahmedabad on the 30th of July 2010. The event was very well attended by all sections of society including many of the future employers like Hiren Patel of Nirma,Pranav Adani of Adani Group. Many top officials of various banks also marked their attendance to show support to Shanti Business School (SBS).
It was heartening to see the male students attired in grey and white churidaar kurta for the opening day ceremony while the girls looked regal in purple sarees. An interesting thing at the event was the presence of a huge white board with the words ‘YES, I WAS HERE’ (July 30,2010) put up for archival purpose. With a lush green campus SBS is an architectural marvel that is beyond compare. The event also saw a police band perform and welcome the dignitaries on the red carpet. It seems that the stage is all set for the commencement of anew era of schooling in the state!


Eligibility for PGDM / MBA: A minimum three-year bachelor degree or its equivalent in any discipline as recognized by the AICTE/ Association of Indian Universities. Students appearing for their final year graduation exams are also eligible to apply. Provided they complete their graduation requirements including practical examinations / viva / assignments before May 31, 2010.
Such applicants will have to produce a certificate to that effect at the time of admission. For any extension of this deadline, the applicants should apply separately, giving the schedule of their graduation examination. Extension may be granted on the basis of the circumstances of the case. The admission of applicants will however, remain provisional until they produce marksheets and a degree certificate establishing their eligibility. Applicants who are appearing for backlog examinations of previous terms/semesters /year after May 31, 2010 are not eligible. The last date for submitting the proof of graduation is Sep 30th , 2010, failing which the provisional admission will automatically stand cancelled.
All applicants should have completed a minimum of 15 years of regular education (on 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 basis).
SBS seletion procedure is a three step process:
  • Step-1 : Written Entrance Test
  • Step-2 : Group Discussion
  • Step-3 : Personal Interview

SBS...In support of Young Minds..!!

Launch Pad - 2010

An Intercollegiate content,

Test your Business Acumen and see your passion turn into profits.

The winning Team gets:

Infrastructure & upto 5 Lakhs Working Capital, Management Wealth


Cash Price of 1 Lakh Rupee.

- the business Proposal should be innovative, original, realistic & feasible.


Online Partner -

Key Differentiator

Increased Corporate- Readiness
o Industry-relevant electives
o Content-creation supported by Corporate
o Innovation incuPIIor for ideation
o Advisory boards consisting of leading industrialists & academicians
o Industry Internships
Compelling Academics
o Customized curriculum with vertical specializations like Brand Management
o International Relationship Management, Infrastructure Management etc
o Strong contingent of national & international faculty
o International immersion through video conferencing
o Sound pedagogy comprising of project & case methodology
Universalized Persona
o Focused mind through Vipassana, Yoga & Meditation
o Healthy body through fitness & sports activities
o Conduct, carriage & poise training
o Communication outreach through choice of international languages
o 360-degree counseling via five- pronged mentoring system
Technology as a Learning Enabler
o Global Resource Center with access to international & national databanks
o International Knowledge Center with CDs, DVDs padcasts, journals & magazines
o Seminar halls with interactive boards, online tutors, latest audio- video equipments
o Wi-Fi enabled campus for enhanced interactivity
State- of- the art- Infrastructure
o Exclusive spaces for students activities
o Centrally air-conditioned building
o Modern interiors
o Sprawling lawns
o World-class sporting facilities

Programme Details..!

The pro-gramme of the Shanti Business School is a two year full time residential programme, which on successful completion leads to a Diploma/ Degree in business management.

The pro-gramme has been crafted with two objectives in mind:

1. Student must get a strong foundation in the Theory as well as Practice of Management.

2. The student develops the life skills required to make the student a complete individual so as to be able to Vface the competitive world outside.

The curriculam is customized to include Core course, Electives & Sectoral specializations. The content is delivered through a combination of experienced, Core & Visiting Faculty from Academics as well as Industry. The courses are therefore practitioner oriented & help students arrive at good solutions to the various situations experienced in the real managerial world. International exposure is given to students through enabling technology, which provides for the best in class academics & industry professionals to interact with students through video-confrerencing.

Industry relevant courses are developed through the interaction of faculty with Industry advisory board as well as industry at large. Industry projects & research along with extended internships in Industry, help students get a real life feels. The innovation incubation process helps students develop original ideas & enhance their creativity.

Soft-skills development is facilitated through courses in personality development, communication skills workshops & carriage & poise training. Proficiency in language is enhanced through a choice of several regional & international languages.

The pedagogy used consits of Lectures, Case study discussion, Project work, Internships. These are supplemented by Role plays, simulation games, syndicate discussions etc. Programmes such as Vipasana Pranayam & Yoga are seamlessly interegrated into the programme so as to enhance life skills of the participants.

what makes Sbs different...???

Our curriculum connects interests & coursework. The flexibility of our curriculum allows students to tailor their education to their particular interests in the international arena & encourages them to explore those interests from new perspectives. SBS allows you to regularly interact with diverse disciplines that shape multi- talented leadership potential in you holistically. You encounter an enriching learning environment both within & outside the class-rooms. You rejoice the strong industry- academia bonding. You regularly interact with professionals from premier establishments-- both national & international. You remain future- ready at a time when the Indian economy is gearing up to fresh challenges & exciting opportunities. SBS gives you one of the best return on all your investments that you would ever make in your entire life...!

Dean's Message...!

The business world is changing at a rate that would have been unimaginable in the past. Rapid advancements in technology, changes in customer behavior, higher expectations from financial investor & a general sense of impatience are placing tremendous & often paradoxical demands on the top management of corporation. Added to these are the effects of globalization & recession. Dealing with such change change is requiring constant modification to recruitment norms.

At SBS, celebrating change is a way of life. We offer an evolving curriculum that matches the rapidly changing recruiting norms of the industry.

The world today is a much better place to develop ones potential. One is not limited by choice or technology, but only by the power of one's imagination. So whether you are a corporate looking for business leaders or MBA aspirants hoping to be one-we invite you all to come, explore the world of SBS.

With best regards,
Prof Alan DSouza
Shanti Business School
Founding Member MICA
Former Executive Director Mudra Communications Ltd
Former President IIMA Association, Ahmedabad Chapter
Former Director Goa Institute of Management