Uttarayan Festival & Poster Making Competition.

The skies over Shanti Business School were flecked with multicolored kites when the college hosted its first ever Kite Flying Festival. The theme of the entire event was “Uniting India”, which included a poster making competition amongst the students.

The SBS Student Activity Committee members came up with the idea this year as a way to "get the students coming from different communities and from different states involved in the festival and a bonhomie of all cultures" said event coordinator – Akash Vazirani . "An allied objective was to get people out here to not only enjoy flying kites, but also learn about safety measures which are important while flying them,”. The committee members also shared the helpline numbers of bird rescuers who are experts on how to rescue injured birds, avian handling and transportation, veterinary triage, first aid rehabilitation and release.

The celebrations began with a Poster Competition on UNITING INDIA where students exhibited their creativity. ‘Religion doesn’t divides but unites’, ‘Be compassionate’, ‘Save yourself by not discriminating’, ‘Be united & be victorious’ were few messages that were conveyed through these posters.

The winner of this competition Abhishek Vacchani said “This activity is a great initiative; it gives us freedom to express ourselves not in words but through our imagination and creativity. The kind of concepts, colors, and messages are expressed by each and every one of us, shows our internal spirit towards this thought”. The Second Prize was won by Muskan Bhansali, Nilakshi Vyas and Mahima Daga and the Third by Harsh Lachwani and Divya Patel.

Students of all the programmes at the institute participated and received appreciation from the Director General, Dr. Arbind Sinha, Program Directors and Faculty members. In the afternoon, tudents were seen on the ground enjoying the kite flying along with faculty and staff members. There was continuous houling of “Kaipo che”, “Lapet” which reflected passion and enthusiasm of the spectators as well as the students.

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