Corporate Governance as a differentiator

Dr. V.K. Sapovadia, Executive Director of Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad writes....
In highly competitive business environment and with product, financing or marketing innovations, good corporate governance may be practiced as a differentiator. The current business scenario seems to be very complex in terms of its operation and governance. Due to advanced technology and legal requirements, operations are comparatively transparent....for full article see

Celebrated Faculty Members at Shanti Business School

At Shanti Business School, faculty members form the core strength of our delivery model. Their towering yet assuring presence becomes an enabler in the learning process. Every member of our faculty fraternity are focused on research to develop and deliver cutting-edge future ready knowledge for the students and the other stakeholders including corporate executives, business owners, industry leaders, and the larger academic community. Some of the celebrated faculty members are:

Prof. Alan D’Souza, Dean, SBS

An IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, Prof. D’Souza excelled in his career as an Executive Director of Mudra Communication. He is one of the past President of IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association and a founding member of Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad, one of finest institutions in Asia. He was also the Director of Goa Institute of Management. A celebrated speaker and a visiting faculty to many top schools of the country like IIMA, Prof. D’Souza is involved in research in the area of integrated marketing communication and branding. He has published a number of research papers and books. An expert in Branding and Communication, Prof. Alan D’Souza was one of the architects of the brands like Vimal and Amul during his illustrious journey at Mudra Communication.

Prof. Bala Bhaskaran, Executive Director, SBS Ahmedabad

An alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore, Prof. Bala Bhaskaran brings in more than 34 years of experience in industry and academics. He is also a CFA from ICFAI, Hyderabad. He was one of the key architects of one of the largest B-schools in India. His area of interest is General Management and Finance. He has authored several research papers and articles which have been published in international journals. An expert in case writing methods and education brand building, Prof. Bala is one of the most sought after faculty in the country of the most sought after faculty in the country.

Dr. V. K. Sapovadia, Executive Director, SBS Jaipur

With a Ph.D, CA, MBA in Finance, and a LL.M, Dr. Sapovadia has been one of the most prolific academicians and researchers of his time. A widely respected faculty in the areas of Finance, Corporate Law and Corporate Governance, Dr. Sapovadia has worked in several leading institutions in the country in the country as a Professor or as Director like IIM Indore, National Insurance Academy, BK School of Business Management, and NICM. He was a Lead Facilitator with the World Bank. He has been a Consultant with International Public Health Forum.

Dr. Vina Vani
One of the most acknowledged experts in Quantitative Analytics and Quality Management in the country, Dr. Vani brings in more than 37 years of experience in research and teaching.  A Ph. D and M. Sc. In Statistics, Dr. Vina Vani has taught at several leading institutes of repute such as MICA, SP Jain, CEPT and University of Illinois, USA. Dr. Vani has published a large number of papers in international journals and conferences across the world. She had been awarded Shiksha Rattan Purskar by Indian International Friendship Society.
Naval Bhargava
An alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Calcutta, Prof. Bhargava is one of the most reputed experts in Marketing and Sales. He has held top positions in various industries like foods, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemicals, and consultancy. He has won the award for 'Best Professor in Marketing Management' at the CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Branding and Marketing hosted by the Asia Brand Congress at Singapore. Prof. Bhargava has several publications including case studies, research papers and books. One of the most celebrated professors at the campuses of several institutions including MICA, Prof. Bhargava brings in profounding expertise in marketing and sales.
Dr. Kishor Barad
A Ph. D in Management and an MBA in Finance and Marketing, Dr. Barad is the Chair Professor of Marketing and holds the position of Programme Chair of the full time PGDM. He brings his in-depth research experience as well as teaching experience across a few notable institutions. He has several research publications in national and international journals. An expert in Cooperative Management and Rural Marketing, Dr. Barad is one of the most sought after experts in the western region.
Dr. Saji Kumar
An expert in the areas of International Economics and a sought after speaker across several institutions in India, Dr. Saji Kumar brings in more than 10 years of experience in teaching and cutting-edge research. A Ph. D and M.A in Economics, Dr. Saji Kumar’s research interests lie across various areas in Economics like Business & Social Accounting, Government Finances, SME Financing and Globalisation.
Amit Saraswat
An expert in data analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics, Amit Saraswar is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee. He has extensive experience in corporate organizations and teaching in the areas of Business Analytics and Decision Science. He has in-depth experience in platforms like SAP, SAS, Oracle, and Siebel. A maverick in his approach, Prof. Saraswat’s research work are regularly published in leading journals and presented at various international conferences.
Dr. Ritu Sharma
A Ph. D and M. Sc. in Psychology, Dr. Sharma has been very active in research and training assignments relating to human behaviour, personality development etc. She has conducted several workshops and training programs for the academia and NGOs. She is one of the most sought after behavioural trainers in the western region. She has participated in conferences and workshops with publications in academic journals. One of the most celebrated faculty members in the campus, Dr. Sharma’s mentoring skills bring in rave reviews by all his students.
Ruchi Tiwari
An expert in communication, Dr. Ruchi Tiwari has won many accolades in her illustrious career in industry and teaching. An M. Phil and MA in Philosophy, she brings in more than 12 years of industry and academic experience. She has taught several courses in the areas of communication including corporate communication and developmental communication. Her research areas include cross-cultural communication, Applied Communication Research, and Ethics & Business. She is expert trainer in communication for several companies across the region.
Mayank Patel
With a BE in Electrical Engineering, an MBA and a Diploma in Treasury and Foreign Exchange Management, Mayank Patel brings rich experience of 9 years in corporate organisations like HDFC Bank, Canon Capital & Finance Ltd. as well as 3 years in academics. His research interests are in the areas of Behavioural Finance, Microstructures of Financial Markets, Financial Regulations, and Alternative assets. He is pursuing his Ph. D now from CEPT University