Shanti Business School - Short Film Competition Winners

Hosted by PDPU, Shanti Business School’s student wins an Inter College Film making competition.  Based on the theme "Technodiction (Technology + Addiction)" – Impact of technology on our social lives”, a team of 8 students showcased their thoughts in a 4min short film. One of the team member Yagnesh Goswami said “In today’s world technology is important and is everywhere but its usage depends upon us, if we can set our priorities right and use it as and when we require then I think it’s an advantage otherwise it’s going to be the other way around, instead of we driving the technology, it will drive us.

And especially among the youngster we have seen this thing happening. Addiction of anything is harmful and in today’s digital world it’s very crucial to adapt ourselves in a way that we can strike a perfect balance between our social family lives & technology, and this is what we have depicted in our film.”This was an inter college competition and was open for colleges across Gujarat. The winner of this competition was based on youtube likes and comments (based on the popularity) – more so over audience were the judge of this competition which made the victory for these students even more sweet and special. Apart from the certificates students also received a cash reward from the organizers.
Here is the link of the film:

Research by Dr. Vipul Patel of Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad, on 'Consumer Behavior with respect to “Mobile Wallet Services”

Dr. Vipul Patel, Associate Professor in the area of Marketing & research at Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad, conducted a research on “Young Consumers’ Intention to Use Mobile Wallet Services”. With the launch of the ‘Digital India’ Programme, it was important to understand the growing and popular trends which are spreading across the length and breadth of the country and in different age groups.Mobile wallet service is the latest phenomenon produced by mobile technology in India. Mobile wallet is a mobile-based virtual wallet that works through apps. The consumer is required to open an account with any mobile service provider and credit desired amount of money in their account. The consumer can then make payments as easy as a few taps on his mobile to pay vendors listed with the mobile wallet service provider.

This research was conducted to understand factors affecting intention to use mobile wallet services by youngsters. Data were collected from 274 young undergraduate students between the ages of 18 to 22 from Ahmedabad city of Gujarat in the month of September 2015. Young students were of particular interest as they are heavy mobile users and they are more likely to adopt new technology (i.e., mobile wallet). The factors included in the study were performance expectancy (the degree to which an individual believes that using the mobile wallet services) will help him or her to attain gain in job performance), effort expectancy (the degree of ease associated with the use of the mobile wallet service), social influence (the degree to which an individual perceives the importance of others
appreciating he or she should use the mobile wallet services), facilitating condition (the degree to which an individual believes that a technical infrastructure exists to support the use of the mobile wallet services).

This study found that consumers perceived that the mobile wallet services are useful and increased their efficiency as a buyer. Smart phones are very popular among youngsters now, and they feel very easy to learn and use mobile wallet services. This study also found that ‘facilitating condition’ has significant and positive effect on intention to use mobile wallet services. Mobile wallet service providers must therefore create technical infrastructure that supports the usage of mobile wallet services. It was also found that ‘social influence’ did not have any impact on intention to use of mobile wallet services among youngsters. This implies that youngsters perceive that usage of  mobile wallet service do not enhance their social status and prestige. Therefore, mobile wallet service providers must associate the adoption decisions with gaining social status to promote the adoption of mobile wallet services.

Uttarayan Festival & Poster Making Competition.

The skies over Shanti Business School were flecked with multicolored kites when the college hosted its first ever Kite Flying Festival. The theme of the entire event was “Uniting India”, which included a poster making competition amongst the students.

The SBS Student Activity Committee members came up with the idea this year as a way to "get the students coming from different communities and from different states involved in the festival and a bonhomie of all cultures" said event coordinator – Akash Vazirani . "An allied objective was to get people out here to not only enjoy flying kites, but also learn about safety measures which are important while flying them,”. The committee members also shared the helpline numbers of bird rescuers who are experts on how to rescue injured birds, avian handling and transportation, veterinary triage, first aid rehabilitation and release.

The celebrations began with a Poster Competition on UNITING INDIA where students exhibited their creativity. ‘Religion doesn’t divides but unites’, ‘Be compassionate’, ‘Save yourself by not discriminating’, ‘Be united & be victorious’ were few messages that were conveyed through these posters.

The winner of this competition Abhishek Vacchani said “This activity is a great initiative; it gives us freedom to express ourselves not in words but through our imagination and creativity. The kind of concepts, colors, and messages are expressed by each and every one of us, shows our internal spirit towards this thought”. The Second Prize was won by Muskan Bhansali, Nilakshi Vyas and Mahima Daga and the Third by Harsh Lachwani and Divya Patel.

Students of all the programmes at the institute participated and received appreciation from the Director General, Dr. Arbind Sinha, Program Directors and Faculty members. In the afternoon, tudents were seen on the ground enjoying the kite flying along with faculty and staff members. There was continuous houling of “Kaipo che”, “Lapet” which reflected passion and enthusiasm of the spectators as well as the students.