The OOMPH Factor excels!!

Hats off to the students of SBS, who despite their hectic submission schedules and examination fever, participated in the semi-finals of the Clean & Clear Fresh Face Contest held by The Ahmedabad Times. They enjoyed the experience and loved the electric atmosphere at the TOI building on 9th Nov 2011. Needless to say, the competition was tough and the best talent of Ahmedabad colleges was there on stage that day. And right there with the best of the best, SBS stood out and excelled!! All our participants performed with grace and élan and had the judges in a quandary during the selections. Three of our students made it to the finals to be held on 30th Nov – Neha Jain, Abhishek Chettiyar and Abhishek Gupta. The dance performances by Maurvi Oza and Nikhil Patel were highly appreciated by one and all. We wish the winners all the very best for the finals of the contest. Meanwhile all the best for your exams!!
We would also like to place on record our sincere gratitude to The Ahmedabad Times team for providing such a wonderful opportunity to our students and for bringing such excitement into their lives.

Learning Management The Dabbawala Way

In 1890, when Mahadeo Havaji Bachche began a lunch delivery service with 100 men, little did he know that a hundred years later his barefoot delivery men carrying lunch boxes would get a SIX Sigma rating by Forbes magazine, get invited to the wedding of the future King of England and win prestigious awards for excellence in business without even pitching for them.
It was for a rendition of this success story by semi-literate men- the Dabbawalas of Mumbai, that eager students filled the conference hall at Shanti Business School on the 21st September- 2011. In adherence to the SBS objective to host reputed guest lecturers, and as part of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management studies, Dr. Pawan Aggarwal, the CEO of Mumbai Dabbawala Education Center was invited to present the case study of the Dabbawalas.
“This is an unforgettable success story with regard to all fields of business studies, and our students will remained inspired by it throughout their careers,” said Prof. P. Bala Bhaskaran, Executive Director SBS and SCS, “we are also pleased that it shares the SBS/SCS principle of an Indian core with a global outlook. Can it get better than this?”
An international speaker, Dr. Pawan Aggarwal, M.Com., B.Ed., LL.B., A.C.S., Ph.D., is also the President of Kamlabai Educational and Charitable Trust. Dr. Pawan completed his Ph.D thesis on - ‘A Study of Logistics and Supply Chain Management of Dabbawala in Mumbai’, and has lectured at Paris, Netherlands, US, UK and at management institutions all over India, spreading awareness about the Dabbawalas.
Greeted with a thunderous applause by students and faculty alike, Dr. Aggarwal looked every inch the quintessential Indian in his Gandhi topi and white kurta-pajama. Over the next one hour, he enthralled, humbled, inspired and moved his audience with the story of modest men, who became the toast of a city that still does not allow them to rise beyond their humble beginnings. In a world where success is equated with big money, fame, admitted Dr Aggarwal, took a while to catch up with these unpretentious men.
5000 dabbawalas in their trademark caps and kurta pajamas, travel 60-70 kms without the aid of modern technology or investment, and conduct 400,000 transactions every day. With no hierarchies dictating distribution of work or salary and no record of a strike, court dispute or police case, they are a force to reckon with and not a single business body has dared to compete with them. Despite being felicitated with several awards, invitations to top business schools and a Six Sigma rating, they are content with a modest salary of Rs 8000, citing their situation to be better than teachers who get half as much.
A shining example of their dedication to the customer would be the story of Prince Charles. The unassuming dabbawalas agreed to meet him at a place and time convenient to the workers so that in their own words, their ‘true king-the customer’ would not suffer. When the future King of England walked up to the roadside headquarters of the dabbawalas with utmost punctuality, it caught the attention of the world. It was remain a matter of debate as to who was privileged to meet whom.
Much to their delight, Dr. Aggarwal regaled the audience with endearing and hilarious stories about the dabbawalas. Another amusing incident involved Maharashtra C.M. Vilasrao Deshmukh reaching on time to felicitate them, fearing that the dabbawalas would leave before he arrived! Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Atlantic and Gary Locke, U.S. Secratary of Commerce are amongst those who have met the dabbawalas and praised the management model.
Finally, Dr Aggarwal fielded questions from SBS students regarding working model, business development, recruitment, retirement benefits and the simple answers could put any Strategic team to shame.
‘I laud your students,” he addressed Mr Jay Sanghani, “their questions are intelligent, and that is a sure shot way to success!” In his own modest way, he honoured the students who asked the most relevant questions, by giving each of them a Gandhi topi.
“It was our aim to provide the best to our students, and what bigger than the dabbawalas success story?” said Dr. Kishor Barad, Professor and Area Chair Marketing.

The OOMPH Factor

The Ahmedabad Times team came knocking on the SBS campus on 5th Oct 2011, to select the Clean and Clear Talent from amongst the students here. It was a grand show that sent ripples of excitement through the entire campus. Students thronged the Lounge where the event was being held and participated with great enthusiasm. The talent of SBS emerged on that stage in big numbers and with quality par excellence. From an elegant and mesmerizing kathak performance, graceful garba performances, eloquent singing, a spell-binding rap, ramp walking and even football-ing, the talent kept coming. And the panel of three eminent judges, Ms Mona Thiba, Gollywood actor, RJ Megha from Radio Mirchi and DJ Taral, had an unenviable task of selecting the winners. Eventually they ended up selecting 8 winners instead of the 6 they needed. The winners were:
  • Winner: Zeel Khadepaun
  • 1st Runner Up: Neha Jain
  • 2nd Runner Up: Siddhi Jain & Maurvi Oza
  • Winner: Abhishek Gupta
  • 1st Runner Up: Robin Panicker
  • 2nd Runner Up: Abhishek Chettiyar & Nikhil Patel
Prateek Agarwal’s hindi rap, Maurvi Oza’s classical dance and Nikhil Patel’s contemporary dance steps enthralled the judges and all others present at the event. The audience won over the guests with their exuberant participation and amazing confidence. This Mega event left an indelible mark on all those present there and they are, for sure, not going to forget it for times to come!

Garba Frenzy at the Shanti Campus

The moonlit skies of Dusshera saw a mammoth crowd of students of Shanti Junior Schools, Shanti Asiatic Schools, Shanti Business School and Shanti Communication School supported by the Chiripal Charitable Trust, in a Garba frenzy on the lush green lawns of their campus. The memorable evening began with an Arti performed by students from Play Group to Post Graduate, their parents and Mr Jyoti Prakash Chiripal. The vibrant and pulsating rustic ambiance filled with colourful traditional attires was a feast for the eyes. The parents and teachers were seen having loads of fun, mingling and dancing together to the lilting music of Sanjay Vasita. The audience was kept enthralled and spell-bound by the grand performances and the very attractive prizes being given away.

Ganpati Bappa Moriyaa....!!!

Ganesha Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is the Hindu festival of Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, who is believed to bestow his presence on earth for all his devotees in the duration of this festival. It is the birthday of Ganesha who is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

At SBS , this festival was celebrated from 1/9/11 for 10 days. Students have arranged everything right from getting the idol of Ganesha to decorating the Mandapa. They also took initiative to arrange the daily Prasada by contributing and collecting the funds. There was aarti sung by the students at mornings [8:30] and evenings[5:30].

On 10/9/11 i.e. Saturday at SBS Campus the ritual known as 'Ganesha Visarjan' took place at 5:00 p.m. All were invited for the 'Maha-Aarti' performed by the Panditji along with the ritual. After that sweets were distributed as the form of Prasada. All have performed this festival with great pomp and enthusiasm, playing with colors and dancing on the tunes of Dholi. All the students as well as faculty members were there for the ‘Visarjan –Yatra’ which ended up near Highway. From there onwards few of the students went till the river and performed Ganesh Visarjan near Ellis Bridge by immersing the idol in the river. .

By living fully, recognizing that all we do is by His power, we honor God; He in turn blesses us.

A Welcome to Remember - Ahmedabad Times - 08/09/2011

Freshmen’s Fizz, the annual welcoming party at Shanti Business School had the management fraternity dancing to the tunes of DJ Taral.
Seniors looked on with pride and a hint of reminiscence, remembering similar moments not too far ago. Saumil Mehta, a senior said “I can’t believe it’s been one year already since we were in the same place as these guys! They seem to be an awesome bunch and sure know how to have fun.”

Tired legs and weary eyes making their way back to their hostel rooms in the early hours of the morning marked the end of the academic year’s first party. While both work and play awaits the residents of SBS , the party heralded an exciting year ahead. It marks their transition from new, uninitiated freshmen to rightful members of a tradition that they will cherish and preserve.

Masquerade Theme Party @ SBS......!!!!!!!

For the 120 odd first year students that begin a new phase of their academic lives at SBS, Ahmedabad Saturday night was a watershed event. They danced, they grooved and they sung to the tunes of DJ Taral. They relived the excitement and pressures of the first few weeks. Most importantly they consummated a relationship with a place that they will never forget.

Seniors looked on with pride and a hint of reminiscence, remembering similar moments not too far ago. , Soumil Mehta, a senior said “I can’t believe it’s been one year already since we were in the same place as these guys! They seem to be an awesome bunch and sure know how to have fun. Moumita Dey, another senior added “It was a joy to see the seniors and juniors have so much fun together and SBS is impeccable as always. I think the traditions and legacy of SBS Culture has been passed into good hands.

The freshmen however were oblivious to such emotion; they were busy setting the dance floor on fire. D.J. Taral unflinchingly concentrated on his music and churned out one hit number after another to keep the party going till the wee hours of dawn.

Tired legs and weary eyes making their way back to their rooms in the early hours of morning marked the end of the academic year’s first party. While both work and play awaits the residents of SBS , the party heralded an exciting year ahead. It marks their transition from new, uninitiated freshmen to rightful members of a tradition that they will cherish and preserve.


Apart from courses, what is it that makes a college cool?

We know, that most of you must be knowing the answer. Well…. here it is…
For most first year students, the first glitzy impression of their college is on the night of the fresher’s party.

We are planning for a Fresher’s Party for all the students who have just joined SBS and SCS in 2011. Of course, Fresher’s Party is not complete without the seniors. Actually, they are the ones who plan, organize and execute the party.

So, be prepared to rock the evening with your presence for ‘FRESHERMEN’S FIZZZ’

The Big Night is on 3rd of September, 2011. The function will start at 7:30 p.m. onwards and ends …..

15th August – Independence Day Celebration – 2011

Independence Day is a day when we remember that significant impact on Indian history which had given a shape to our present progress, so far. It is not only a day to remember our country’s past but also a day when the spirit of shaking and breaking the chains of slavery, bondage and anything we cling to are invoked and awakened.

The program starts with the hoisting of flag by Ved Prakash Chiripal Ji followed by the song “Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara” & National Anthem.

More colors were added by the students of Shanti Asiatic School when they have performed on the popular dance numbers like “Rang de Basanti” and “Unche Himalaya Se”. The spirit of freedom and universal brotherhood soars high with another musical performance sang by the students - “Hum Sab Bharatiye Hai”.

Few speeches by the students of SAS [Prerna Chauhan] and SCS [Pranav Karnavat] were revolving around the meaning and essence of freedom. How the freedom has been misinterpreted by the common people and what can be done to improve the conditions in our country.

After that few insights were shared by the Shri Brij Mohan Ji , and the director of SBS Prof. Bala Bhaskaran. They spoke about the significance of freedom for an individual and masses and how freedom is closely interconnected with the responsibility.

The program ends with the distribution of sweets.

More Red Gold for blood banks

Blood banks have once again received a shot in the arm, all thanks to the 14 Chiripal blood donation camps held on the 14th and 15th of July. The Chiripals were highly appreciative that in a span of two days, more than 1000people voluntarily donated blood at 16centres, and each donor received a certificate gift as a token of this appreciation.Right from the unskilled mill worker up to the college professors, everyone from the Chiripal group came forward to donate blood.

“Priceless because it is life saving, blood should more appropriately be called Red Gold,” said VedPrakashJi, who took the initiative to donate blood, encouraging and motivating others to follow suit.

Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol whip up frenzy on the Shanti B-School Campus

Students of Chiripal Group’s Shanti Asiatic School, Shanti Business School and Shanti Communications School fired questions related to management of time, stress and relationships, and the superstars answered with élan. ‘I take out time for my passion- cooking! A man cooking for his wife is the sexiest. Boys you must know how to cook!’ he said, candid about relationship and time management. When he joyfully lifted a child from Shanti Asiatic, he lifted the spirit of the entire gathering. He identified more with the family man Rajiv Bhatia, he declared than the star Akshay Kumar. ‘Do not expect your partner to be perfect and you’ll do great,’ said Bobby Deol when asked about the key to his successful marriage. Akshay appreciated the aesthetic campus and mentioned that this was the first ever time he visited a school and a college.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Chandan Chatterjee - Director of Center for Entrepreneurship Development of Govt of Gujarat

Dr. Chandan Chatterjee, is currently working as Director of Center for Entrepreneurship Development of Govt of Gujarat, Udyog Bhavan. He has obtained his Ph. D in Technology from Mumbai University and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Marathwada University. He is also a Fellow of Institution of Engineers. He is having his professional experiences for over 30 years in Project, Quality Assurance, Production, Training, and Research and for Industrial promotional activities in State of Gujarat. Moreover he has published over 100 Articles and Author of many reports, pertaining to Industries and industrial promotional activities

Dr. Chandan Chatterjee shared his experiences on Entrepreneurship Skills and Policy Initiatives for the industrial growth in Gujarat, Road map to set up an industry, Enhancement of Technical Competence and Manpower and Rehabilitation of sick units.

Industrial Visit to AMUL DAIRY

The students and faculty members of Shanti Business School visited Amul Dairy – Anand on 18th March 2011. The objective of this visit was to study and understand the cooperative business model and various strategy of the cooperative society.
The plan visit started with a briefing on the history and working of Amul Dairy with the help of picture gallery at Amul Dairy Museum. Thereafter, a visit to their plant was arranged where the officials of the cooperative society explained briefly the formation and functioning of the unit. The entire session was interactive where students have greater understanding of different production processes, products and operation of one of the largest cooperative of Asia.
The visit proved to be a real success as students found it interesting, enjoyable and informative.

SBS Cricket Tournament

SBS organized its First cricket tournament at SBS campus from 7th March 2011 to 10th March, 2011, SBS became center stage for some exciting rounds of cricket.

The tournament was divided into 3 rounds followed by final match. Each match was of twenty overs per innings, each team consisted of 11 players.
The finals were interesting as both the teams had won one match each. The first round was won by “Black Cats” and second by “Tiger 11”
The Man of the Match for all the matches is as follows:
1. 1st Match: Mohit Gohil
2. 2nd Match: Dhruvin
3. 3rd Match: Pushpam

Man of the Series: Pushpam, was awarded Trophy and the winning team “Black Cats” was awarded trophy
Thus the tournament was a refreshing change from the phenomenal academic life that SBS has to offer.

Treasure Hunt to add a fun

Upcoming Management Group - General Management Club, planned a Treasure Hunt to add a fun element in the busy classroom sessions of our students. There were seven teams of students who went on a treasure spree, chasing one clue after another to locate their treasure. Clues were based on operations techniques coding.

The clues were placed on different places in the campus and students had this challenge to crack each clue correctly and before the competing team; students collected clues and useful information along the way. Finally they had enough information to dig up the treasure.

The Treasure Hunt not only provided a good recreation for students but also helped in enhancing their Operation Techniques and sharpening their memory.
Winner : Anuj Kokra & Krishna
First Runner Up : Roma Jhala & Pooja Sharma
Event Coordinators : Anurag, Pratik & Probal

What brands need before going social

Less than two full months into 2011 and already businesses are pushing social networking boundaries. From broadcast and cable television shows to newspapers and magazines and small businesses, the social profiles of brands and businesses are pushing farther into the conversation. How can your brand stand out?

"Social media is offering brands some of the biggest game changing opportunities we've seen in years," said Debbie DeGabrielle, CMO at Visible Technologies. She sees business insights and customer engagement as the biggest opportunities. "Social conversation is so unique because it is uncensored, coming from a wide and ever changing group of audiences. When harnessed, conversations from social channels can offer new insights, unique information about competitors and understanding into which products, services, marketing campaigns and programs are resonating with your target audience - and which aren't."

The key, of course, is engagement. Although some of the same information may be offered on the main website, on socnets consumers filter into brand or product information in a different way.

"Whether an interaction means pressing 'Like', tweeting an opinion about a video, or sharing an article with friends on Facebook, basically it's no longer the one-way marketing we used to see," said DeGabrielle. "Brands can finally bring information [to consumers] on social networks, rather than wait for their audience to visit their website. This combination of engagement and the ability to reach the right people is extremely influential when sharing information."

What can brands do to better integrate with social channels? Content, Connections and Integration.

First, think about ways to provide innovative content to interested consumers. Second, think about the connections needed - those connections are the consumers in your Most Wanted list. How can you connect with them and make them influencers? Finally, integrate, integrate, integrate. Don't think of social as an alternative channel - integrate social efforts with online and offline marketing campaigns. Include sharing features with email and display ads, encourage consumers to visit a Facebook page from a video or print ad.

"Brands that reorganize themselves to engage in social channels will be better positioned to take advantage of the insights that social media can offer," said DeGabrielle. "Social media is no longer just about monitoring a brand online - it is a valuable channel that can help companies make a host of decisions across their organization."