World Disability Day

It was a day of emotions and expressions. Sense International a registered charitable trust that works with deafblind people came to Shanti Business School for an interactive session with the students. Deafblindness is a unique disability- a combination of vision and hearing impairments in an individual. The session started with a brief introduction on the disability and how the affected people lose their 94% skill of acquiring knowledge with the loss of vision and hearing ability. Sense International portrayed an amazing role play to demonstrate the communication technique used by deafblind people. It was a language of touch and the students were amazed to see the applicability of this language in a word guessing exercise with their classmates. Students were shown various symbols, their representations in that language and also the way of communication. In the end, Sense International (India) gave some inspirational examples of deafblind people whose lives have been touched by them and have reached great heights. Students enjoyed the session and were inspired to touch lives of such specially-abled people