Anveshana- Guest Session By Ritam Bhatnagar

The Concept
Anveshana, an initiative by the students of Shanti Communication School to inspire the youth to follow their dreams and trust their instincts. It signifies the true joy of success and the zeal to reach out for it. Anveshana sessions will have young achievers sharing their life experiences, success stories and their journey of accomplishments of their goals. True to its meaning, Anveshana inspires the youth to search for their inner self, getting through their desires and work hard for their choicest dreams. Anveshana will create a whole chain of inspiration and directed motivation from the achievers of various fields to the seekers in various fields, making the youth understand the satisfying streak between a career and a job. Anveshana will become a platform where the students can interact with the young achiever & can get inspired by listening to the story of their inspirational icon. Anveshana introduced the concept of ‘Wave the Flag’ where the audience waves the flags on every like towards the guest or his speech as a gesture of appreciation.
Students Enjoying The Guest Session

Brief of Ritam Bhatnagar's Profile
In the first session of Anveshana on Jan 10th 2014, Ritam Bhatnagar was invited to share his insights on his entrepreneurial journey and an overview on media & entertainment industry. Ritam Bhatnagar is the founder of Freeway Entertainment Company, an integrated film entertainment company crafting latitude for film production, film distribution & film festival consulting. India Film Project, India's Largest Filmmaking Event, is Ritam’s brainchild which got acclaimed nationally with 1500+ participants in its second year, making it the largest filmmaking competitions of country.
Ritam’s first film, ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’, has been a game-changer for the urban Gujarati film industry. Ritam was distributor of the film along with the Executive Producer and instrumental in taking Gujarati films to multiplexes. Ritam's ventures as serial entrepreneur have taken a new shape when his idea was recently selected amongst top ten business ideas of country and incubated at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad's incubation centre. He was recently selected by World Economic Forum as “Global Shaper”.
Ritam Bhatnagar Inspiring The Students For Media & Entertainment Industry

Ritam Bhatnagar’s Talk:
Mr. Bhatnagar shared his life journey, struggles and innovative ideas which got transformed into startups providing real time solutions. He talked about his graduation days & how a small idea of Tshirt printing business generated a lot of revenue enough to exceed his monthly expenses. He talked about the importance of post graduation in a management program and how management knowledge has helped him in his entrepreneurial journey. During his post graduation, he did his internship at an entertainment company which encouraged him to start his own company. The students of Shanti Communication School were really curious to know the entire process of film making starting from its idea till it reaches multiplexes. Ritam Bhatnagar quoted his experience of ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ & explained all the processes involved in film making. Also he shared the insights on the Media & Entertainment industry and the prospective careers for the communication students. Further, he talked about the sustainability of a startup and the importance of venturing into different domains in creating multiple sources of income.
About being asked on his source of inspiration, Ritam Bhatnagar quoted his favorite success mantra- ASK principle which he always follows and appreciates.
  • Attitude
  • Skill
  • Knowlegde

 After the encouraging interactive session, the students pleasantly surprised everyone by performing a flash mob to convey an expression of gratitude 

It was indeed a great start to the journey of Anveshana- a platform for young achievers to share their success stories and inspire the young minds.