Shanti Business School - Short Film Competition Winners

Hosted by PDPU, Shanti Business School’s student wins an Inter College Film making competition.  Based on the theme "Technodiction (Technology + Addiction)" – Impact of technology on our social lives”, a team of 8 students showcased their thoughts in a 4min short film. One of the team member Yagnesh Goswami said “In today’s world technology is important and is everywhere but its usage depends upon us, if we can set our priorities right and use it as and when we require then I think it’s an advantage otherwise it’s going to be the other way around, instead of we driving the technology, it will drive us.

And especially among the youngster we have seen this thing happening. Addiction of anything is harmful and in today’s digital world it’s very crucial to adapt ourselves in a way that we can strike a perfect balance between our social family lives & technology, and this is what we have depicted in our film.”This was an inter college competition and was open for colleges across Gujarat. The winner of this competition was based on youtube likes and comments (based on the popularity) – more so over audience were the judge of this competition which made the victory for these students even more sweet and special. Apart from the certificates students also received a cash reward from the organizers.
Here is the link of the film: