Sunburn Reload With Tim Mason

Shanti Business School hosted the Sunburn Reload 2014, a semi EDM festival of Sunburn Goa. Sunburn Reload had International artist, the British trailblazer Tim Mason, popular for his fearless remixing and DJ Shilen Sharma and DJ Dry State were the supporting artists for the night.
Tim Mason Waves To The EDM Lovers
More than 1500 EDM lovers enjoyed the powerhouse evening with scintillating lightshows and high bass progressive remixes. The 3D LED visuals were the show stealers of the evening as these visuals have been introduced in Gujarat for the very first time. The visual effects by VJ Harshil, Sunburn artist, were a delightful treat to eyes which created a whole new vibe and took the energy of the audience to the next momentum.

It was Tim Mason's first trip to India and he got an over whelming response from music lovers all across the state.The energy levels refused to drop and the adrenaline rush stayed high till the end.
The audience danced their heart out in the lush green campus of SBS, Ahmedabad.

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