Programme Details..!

The pro-gramme of the Shanti Business School is a two year full time residential programme, which on successful completion leads to a Diploma/ Degree in business management.

The pro-gramme has been crafted with two objectives in mind:

1. Student must get a strong foundation in the Theory as well as Practice of Management.

2. The student develops the life skills required to make the student a complete individual so as to be able to Vface the competitive world outside.

The curriculam is customized to include Core course, Electives & Sectoral specializations. The content is delivered through a combination of experienced, Core & Visiting Faculty from Academics as well as Industry. The courses are therefore practitioner oriented & help students arrive at good solutions to the various situations experienced in the real managerial world. International exposure is given to students through enabling technology, which provides for the best in class academics & industry professionals to interact with students through video-confrerencing.

Industry relevant courses are developed through the interaction of faculty with Industry advisory board as well as industry at large. Industry projects & research along with extended internships in Industry, help students get a real life feels. The innovation incubation process helps students develop original ideas & enhance their creativity.

Soft-skills development is facilitated through courses in personality development, communication skills workshops & carriage & poise training. Proficiency in language is enhanced through a choice of several regional & international languages.

The pedagogy used consits of Lectures, Case study discussion, Project work, Internships. These are supplemented by Role plays, simulation games, syndicate discussions etc. Programmes such as Vipasana Pranayam & Yoga are seamlessly interegrated into the programme so as to enhance life skills of the participants.

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