Marketing club inauguration

The Shanti Business School’s ‘PRAYAG’ the marketing club will provide an engaging forum for students interested in pursuing a career in marketing. The club would attempt to impart and develop the appropriate skill sets required for a marketing professional and business entrepreneurs. Under the aegis of this club newer knowledge, ideas, strategies, practices pertaining to the field of marketing would be explored, discussed and disseminated for students to learn and keep them self abreast of the latest happenings in the field. Students will get several opportunities to organize different marketing events, activities and competitions under the aegis of ‘PRAYAG’ that will enable them to learn by doing.

PRAYAG’ the ‘Marketing Club’ signifies unification and meeting place of marketing and business minds. In true sense business is nothing but the act of accumulating and unification of factors of production in an appropriate blend to create meaningful products and services that makes lives of human civilization easy coupled with comfort, peace and well being of all living organisms on this mother earth. The marketing activities facilitate this act of business by identifying the needs of human being. Therefore the ‘Logo’, the tag line ‘Meeting of Minds’ and the ‘Pile of Hands’ on the cover page all signifies that hands come together only when minds meets and then and then only meaningful products and services are created that enhances the all-round well being of the human civilization as a whole.

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