Masquerade Theme Party @ SBS......!!!!!!!

For the 120 odd first year students that begin a new phase of their academic lives at SBS, Ahmedabad Saturday night was a watershed event. They danced, they grooved and they sung to the tunes of DJ Taral. They relived the excitement and pressures of the first few weeks. Most importantly they consummated a relationship with a place that they will never forget.

Seniors looked on with pride and a hint of reminiscence, remembering similar moments not too far ago. , Soumil Mehta, a senior said “I can’t believe it’s been one year already since we were in the same place as these guys! They seem to be an awesome bunch and sure know how to have fun. Moumita Dey, another senior added “It was a joy to see the seniors and juniors have so much fun together and SBS is impeccable as always. I think the traditions and legacy of SBS Culture has been passed into good hands.

The freshmen however were oblivious to such emotion; they were busy setting the dance floor on fire. D.J. Taral unflinchingly concentrated on his music and churned out one hit number after another to keep the party going till the wee hours of dawn.

Tired legs and weary eyes making their way back to their rooms in the early hours of morning marked the end of the academic year’s first party. While both work and play awaits the residents of SBS , the party heralded an exciting year ahead. It marks their transition from new, uninitiated freshmen to rightful members of a tradition that they will cherish and preserve.

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