Prof. David Faulker on International Strategy

Prof. David Faulker Chairman of Magna Carta College, Oxford, visited Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad campus to explain the students of International Strategy and to promote student exchange between the two organizations.

The honorable professor touched upon topics like theory of absolute and comparative advantage, the theories of international development with Vernon cycle & Uppasalla model, etc. he tried to explain the students how a country builds it advantageous position and how with the help of it companies could build their own core competencies and therefore create an international brands for themselves. He further explained that due to several factors like exchange rates, difference in language & culture, transport costs, difference in tastes & preferences, Govt regulations and difference in standard of living companies and countries need to develop different strategy for domestic and international market.

He further added that any company or brand’s international success depends upon comparative advantage of the country and the company which could be achieved through configuration & co-ordination.

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