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Industrial Visit for BBA Students

In the new era of practical exposure, Industry visit forms a vital part of the curriculum for a better understanding of corporate world. It bridges the gap between the classroom knowledge and the real time working world. These industry visits also provides clear picture of the organizational structures and modes of operation in different industries. Reading in books about industries might be dull & boring as hell but once you go through its actual operations and understand the dynamics involved, you actually realize how compelling and important its existence is.

At SBS, we got an amazing opportunity to visit Nandan Exim Pvt. Ltd. & Chiripal Textile Industries, which are the top leading textile industries in India.The whole experience was a package of learning and practical comprehension.

Students of Shanti Business School at Chiripal Textile  Industries.
We always love to shop for denims but ever wondered how a denim is prepared and what is the entire cycle from raw material to the final denim jeans Obviously No, because most of the students never get an opportunity to understand the business processes. At Shanti Business School, we got this tremendous opportunity to see how big thread ball end up in different jean fabric.
 Cotton threads  being converted to jeans fabric.
We all were curious to see the big bundles of cotton and thread lying in the room and wondered how these things got fabricated into denim cloth.
Fabric Preparation.
It was a visual delight to see the conversion of cotton bundles to threads and then into denim fabric. The processes were really fascinating to observe and the transitions were really fast carried out with ease and perfection. The students were enjoying as they were able to see the practical applications of their subject areas like operations management , supply chain management and logistics management in real time situations.
Fabric being washed. 
The office staff of the Chiripal Industries was really supportive & informative as they guided us through various machines and its working through the processes.

It was indeed a really good learning experience as we could completely relate what we had learned in classrooms in the form of case studies to the actual work scenario in industries.Students, who are always fond of denim wear, were in amaze to see the entire assembly line production of denim clothes from the purchase of raw material till the dispatch of final product.The visit also included a session at Chiripal industry demonstrating the production of the polyester thread which plays a major role in denim manufacturing. We would have never learnt this from books even after mugging up for hours and days. I am glad to be a part of Shanti Business School for providing us an amazing platform where we see, observe and learn practically.

In all, students enjoyed the joyful visit to the industry which was highly resourceful in understanding various domains of Business Management from manufacturing till sales.

Anuja Pathak
Student, BBA Program
Shanti Business School

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