SBS Cup Cage Football Tournament

When one talks about cage football, the first images that comes to one's mind is that of the famous Nike ad where the likes of Francesco Totti, Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos play against each other in a secret tournament hosted by Manchester United legend Eric Cantona in a moving ship. The Secret tournament (also known as Scorpion KO) was a Nike Campaign, which featured 24 - contemporary football players and Eric Cantona as the Tournament Referee. The concept was a fictional tournament involving eight teams of three of football’s top players in a first-goal-wins elimination.. The matches were staged in an enclosed pitch on a ship. This was a very unique concept which took the world by storm and the breathtaking skills by the legends of world football that made the campaign an overnight favorite.

SBS Cup Cage 2013
The Ahmedabad youth is all set & geared up for a cage football tournament where the stars will be the local footballers. The SBS Cup Cage football tournament consists of various Champions titles for different age groups with popular championship titles as Under 14, Under 16, Under 19, Open group and Corporate. The Cage10 had a super success at Shanti Business School last year in June 2013 and the previous year in June 2012 with hundreds of footballers across the cities of Gujarat participating every year..

Shanti Business School is the pioneer in bringing the cage football concept to Gujarat. Along with providing venues and basic amenities for the tournament, Shanti Business School also helps in promoting this sport in the western region. The Cage10 football tournament is organized by Kickoff India and is partnered by Shanti Business School for the Gujarat zone. Kickoff India is currently India’s premier football website and provides exclusive content only about Indian football. 

Founded on 1st February 2010, Kickoff India’s content includes news, features, players blogs, and author’s columns. The website also includes the indepth statistics of India’s premier football tournament i.e. I- League. Kickoff India has a thriving user community and the numbers are double folding every month. Kickoff India is the only website dedicated to Indian football (

Shanti Business School has been an active partner in organizing the SBS Cup Cage10 since the last two years. SBS has helped in bringing a revolutionary change in the football scenario in Ahmedabad by bringing all the football enthusiasts on a single platform and making them compete in a closed cage. “It will be the T20 of football,” Abhishek Singh, the organizer of SBS Cup Cage10 said, adding, “Imagine ten people playing non-stop football for 20 minutes (each half ten minutes). With no corners and no offside it would be a treat to watch with action packed in every second of it.”
The Concept:
  • Its a shorter version of football played inside a cage and with 5 players on each side. The trend which is already very popular in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore has reached Ahmedabad.
  • Each Team consists of 5 players and 3 substitutes.
  • Each half is of ten minutes with a five minute break.
  • There is no outside or corner in this game, the cage ensures that the game continues without a hault, unless someone gets injured, the referee calls for a half time, in case of a foul or a goal is struck.
  • The cage Dimensions are 30*17*3 meters. 
Winners 2014- SBS Cup Cage Football Tournament
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