Cultural-Oneness at Shanti Business School’s Garba Night 2015

Shanti Business School (SBS) hosted a ‘Garba Night’ for its faculty, staff and students. The event was indeed a grand affair of colors, beats and frolic, but also remarkably different as it brought
together people from different cultural backgrounds.

The students had a gala time, in the sparkly night playing to the tunes of Garba . The charming Dandiya fest of Gujarat has gained a universal appeal due to its simple and energy-packed dance moves. SBS has students from different states of India such as Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kolkata and even from Nepal.

Suraj Jallan, student of PGDM from Assam, said, “I love the way everyone dances in synchronicity. I am surprised to know there are a number of dance forms within Garba which all seem to flow as one.”

Vivid costumes, lively music and inescapable laughter are what made this event a spectacular treat to the eyes. Observed in its most elaborated form, SBS’ Garba Night was an invigorating event, not to have been missed!

The event started with an aarti conducted by our faculty and followed by the Garba dance routines. “I am delighted to watch a thorough Garba performance, lasting for nine days. In Kolkata, we celebrate it for just four days while celebrations are restricted to just prayers offered to the deity. Whereas here, it is a mix of rituals and lots of dance, I had a gala time.” Sanjiv Mishra, PGDM student
from Kolkata, West Bengal, shared excitedly. 

Sandesh Phuyal, from Nepal, BBA student, said, “Nepal’s national festival is celebrated for ten days. Though duration of the festival is the same, it is not accompanied by dance. I attended Garba for the second time now, as I wanted to indulge in all the dancing and fun.”

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