Mr.Dangayach,MD Sintex Shares Experiences

A session by Mr.S B Dangayach, Managing Director, Sintex Industries Limited.

“Power is never shared, only trust is imparted”, said Mr. Dangayach, MD, Sintex Industries Limited, while addressing the students of Shanti Business School on Thursday under the guest talk series. A management graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, and having 38 years of industry experience, Mr. Dangayach began with discussing his early struggle days, his determination to get into IIM Ahmedabad and how his risk taking ability and foresightedness helped him to achieve the current stature.

He shared his opinion about what according to him is the difference between entraa-prenuer and entrepreneur. To him the former meant investment in terms of hardwork & commitment and the later meant investment in terms of hardwork as well as money.

Mr. Dangayach shared live examples of his journey and discussed about the rise of Sintex Industries.

He told the students that how only advertisements or market knowledge does not help if your product does not meet customer expectations. He also explained that how despite the presence of license raj & scenario of economic control, Sintex managed to be the household name it is today. He also discussed the pros and cons of being in the business which is all of the B2B, B2C and B2G.

He discussed that how being a socialist at heart, he always thinks for the betterment of the masses. That is the reason why under his leadership Sintex diversified into affordable housing, renewable energy i.e. portable biogas plants and Rain water harvesting. He explained how even waste could be converted into resources.

Talking about the current approach of students towards their career limiting it to just placement figures, which according to him is disappointing, he said, “Have a broader vision, be grounded & flexible, have common sense and work hard. Don’t be deterred by failures coming on your way, if not now with continuous work, honest efforts would succeed”, said Mr. Dangayach.

Mr. Dangayach departed by leaving the students pondering over his parting words. He said that most of the solutions come from simple thinking and not by making it a web of complexity. He personally believes in Sintex philosophy of creating solutions that are technically correct, practical and are close to common sense. He also said that he desires a developed and equitable society.