Gen-next of SBS and SAS comes to save sparrows

Hoping to home the sparrows, students of Shanti Asiatic School and Shanti Business School in Shela waited patiently under the blazing sun to get their share of claynests for sparrows on Thursday. Despite a long queue, everyone on campus was excited to be part of the Mirror-Mirchi Save the Sparrow campaign. 

“We have always believed in living close to nature. Since children are very meticulous, we decided to encourage them to shelter sparrows,” said Ved Prakash Chiripal, Chairman of Chiripal Goup that instituted Shanti Educational Initiatives. 

Braving the scorching sun were not only little students but also the management students of SBS, faculty and other staff members of the institute. “I am eager to see sparrows live in my nest. I will ensure there is enough food and water for them,” said Aarya Gajjar (7), a Class 1 student. 

SAS students displayed their creative side by designing inspiring posters on the theme of ‘Save the Sparrow’. They also sang a song on sparrows. 

“This year, our activities focus on ‘save the sparrows’ theme. Such an initiative will make students aware of the extinction that these little birds face,” said Anita Verma, Principal of SAS. 

We have forgotten nature. We must use technology to save them, not destroy them. We must stop being selfish. 


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