Dr.Vrajlal Sapovadia from Shanti Business School would be visiting as Speaker at 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives,Canada.


To mark the United Nations’ International Year of Cooperatives, decision-makers and influential figures from the international cooperative and mutualist community will be meeting in Quebec City, Canada, to participate in the 2012

International Summit of Cooperatives 2012 has Invited Eminent Speakers Including Dr. Sapovadia. To see the list of speakers,please click here.

The Summit’s theme is “The Amazing Power of the Cooperatives”, and its mission is to offer solutions that will promote the development and performance of cooperatives and mutuals worldwide.

The International Summit of Cooperatives will be a must-attend event for current and future leaders committed to consolidating the influence of the cooperative and mutualist movement on
the global economic and political stage.



The global cooperative movement:
• Aggregate turnover of US$1,100 billion (Global 300 –2008)
• Some 1 billion members
• Jobs for over 100 million people, 20% more than multinationals
• Source of income for half the world’s population
• Economic power equal to the 10th largest economy in the world

The cooperative business model represents a tangible solution for the economic, social and environmental challenges of our time. That’s why it must extend its reach beyond the rural and local communities where it began and assert itself as a global economic model, while staying true to its original principles. In this context, it could very well become the fastest growing business model in the coming years.

1. Allow persons of influence from cooperatives and mutuals around the world to discuss current and future business issues and identify initiatives that will help promote the sustainable
prosperity of cooperatives and mutuals.
2. Build a global network of cooperatives and mutuals to create a powerful source of influence in economic and political circles.
3. Make the Summit the place for cooperative and mutual leaders to meet by helping to make it a regular event.
4. Get young entrepreneurs interested in the cooperative business model.

1. The role of cooperatives and mutuals in the global economy. What role do cooperatives and mutuals currently play on the global economic stage? What should their role be?
2. The performance of the cooperative and mutualist business model How to maintain productivity and profitability while staying true to cooperatives values? What growth levers are available
to cooperatives and mutuals to ensure their sustainability?
3. The evolution of the cooperative and mutualist business model How do cooperatives and mutuals remain agile and innovative in constantly changing markets? How do they respond
to their members’ interest in the competition’s products and services? How do they encourage their members to use the services of their cooperatives and mutuals and participate in
the life of their association?
4. The global socio-political influence of cooperatives and mutuals How can cooperatives gain more recognition and exert their fair share of influence on socio-political decision making?
How can the nature of their participatory governance influence other types of businesses and be a model of shared leadership?

• Presidents, CEOs, and members of the boards and management committees of cooperatives and mutuals worldwide
• Managers and future officers of cooperatives and mutuals
• Members of governments, diplomats and consuls of countries where the cooperative model is in place
• Representatives of the regulatory authorities and various supranational organizations
• Academics, researchers and economists interested in the cooperative and mutualist business model
• Representatives from industries that use the cooperative and mutualist business model, such as agriculture, forestry, retail,insurance, banking, goods and services, health, etc.
• Media representatives

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