Dr.V. K. Sapovadia as Speaker at International Cooperative Summit, Canada

International Cooperative Summit was held in Quebec city between 8th to 11th October. 2800 participants from 71 country attended the summit. Dr. Sapovadia(Executive Director of Shanti Business School,Ahmedabad) spoke on 10th October 2012 about India's cooperatives that are contributing to global economy with a social cause. Cooperatives are creating & adding value like corporations but they distribute value on equitable basis. By citing numerous real life example on Indian cooperatives,  he highlighted cooperatives as differentiators in creating awareness, improving health & life standard of poor people.

Also,A book "Cooperatives for Humanization of our World" co-authored by Dr. Sapovadia was released on 9th October at International Cooperative Summit. The book is written in English, French & Spanish describing experience of each 5 continent of the world.

Dr. Sapovadia spoke on Indian Business Laws on Corporate Social responsibilities at Faculty of Law, Montreal University, Montreal on 12th October 2012. By explaining several express & implied activities related to CSR id different legislation, he maintained that CSR is ancient & culturally deeply rooted activities in Indian business. He mentioned several industrial groups like TATA, Birla & Chiripal Groups' activities for the social & environmental cause.

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