Beats - Dance Competition by Khalbali Club

Khalbali, the students’ club of the students of the Shanti Communication School organised Beats with an objective of beating the academic rigour away. An Intra-college activity that enabled the budding managers to let their hair loose and showcase their talent, turned out to be a big draw. The sprawling staircase of SBS was turned into an impromptu auditorium and the stage was set afire with all genres of dancing and music. The non stop applause was not only meant for the performers on the stage but also for the organizational skills of the students in putting the event together. Karishma Sharma, the winner of the dance competition in solo category, amazed the audience with her Leja Leja performance Suhani Patel, the runner up in solo category performed brilliantly in her radha avatar. Kajal Singh, Chittvan Shah, Rushab Shah, Chandani Golecha, Ruchika Gohel, Bhoomika Mehta were the Winners in Group Dance Category. The group enthralled the audience to the Beats of Dilli Wali Girlfriend.

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